Dr.V.K.Saxena is a renowned Vaastu Shastri & Astrologer who has helped thousands of souls and rejuvenated lives of many. His area of excellence lies in Astrology, Vastu, Feng shui, Geo enery, Medico&Cardio Astrology. He uses various facets of Vastushastra, Astrology, Sound (Swar) energy & Aura reading among others to give panacea for worldly problems and bring happiness in lives of people.

Dr. Saxena is a result oriented professional known for his plain speaking, high moral and work ethics.His motto in life is to help the society. Many people have been benefitted mentally, physically and financially. Many of his followers suffering from  Cancer, Heart Diseases, Migraine, Artharitis, etc are now  perfectly fine. He has worked on a wide range of projects including, Hotels, Hospitals, Housing societies(apartments), Bungalows, Institutes, Factories & offices. He is a consultant to various corporate entities like Radisson Hotels, Park Inn Hotels, ELDECO Housing, Emirate Hill Dubai, BHU, Haldirams, Bikaner to name a few.  He believes in remedies and not demolition. His principle is to improve the energy of the building and not demolishing it.

His accomplishments include authoring eight books with topics ranging from Vastushastra, Feng Shui, Geo Enery, and Astrology. His work has been widely published in Times of India, Hindustan Times, Jagran & he is also a columnist in Sony Telelife Magazine published in Dubai. His lectures have influenced lives of many at home and far away like Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Sharjah to name a few.

Dr. Saxena’s philosophy revolves around “HOPE”. That’s what he re-kindles in the heart & mind of the people with his solutions and guidance. Above everything else he is proud to have successfully addressed matters related to Health, Wealth & Mental peace of innumerable souls.